Studio Express Specials
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Photo Session
View Photo & Select Favorite
Produce Unique Portraits
Portraits are Finished
Our photographer is able to take photos from any angle.
We create the experience of a professional photo shoot just like the industry specialists. We have professional lighting kits and backdrops to give you the best quality photography. Our photographer will guide you by giving you the best poses to match commercial standards.
Step 2
Select your favorite photos.
Right after the photo shoot, you will get to view all your photos and select front a variety of poses. See all your pictures in a high-resolution monitor and then enhance them digitally. You will be able to edit, zoom, crop, resize and retouch to improve your photos.
Step 3
Create unique portraits!
We have many effects to give you a unique look to your final product. We have the technology to add custom special effects including: colorful vignettes, collages, soft touch, double exposure. Make your photos stand out with the touch of a key within minutes.
Step 4
Portraits are ready in only 10 minutes!!
We have an on-site pioneering technology to produce high resolution and fine quality prints. Our mini-lab is guaranteed to bring you the best possible portrait printing with Kodak processing.

Your portraits are ready within 10 minutes... Not 10 Days!!